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 Meeker Trail System 

The Phillip & Dorcas Jensen Memorial Park features 57 acres of rugged open space with groomed hiking and biking trails right outside Meeker, as well as additional access to BLM trails.

"These trails are a must see when in Meeker; the view from the top is gorgeous."

~ Josh Day, Google Review

Meeker Trail System

Five stars on Google!

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The Meeker Trail System features a bike flow course packed with fun features.
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Trail Map

Map of the Meeker Trails

Getting Here

Take State Highway 13 to the Town of Meeker. Travel north on 3rd Street for 8 blocks to where it "t's" with Sanderson Drive. Turn left on Sanderson Drive and travel approx. 1/4 mile to Sanderson Hill Park. There is parking, a restroom, a playground, a sports field, and a picnic shelter at this park. The trailhead is located in the back of this park with a kiosk and map.


There are five trailheads with access to the Meeker Trails System, all conveniently located right on the edge of the Town of Meeker.

  • Sage Hills Trailhead (limited street parking)

  • Sanderson Hills Trailhead (parking and restrooms)

  • China Wall Trailhead (NO PARKING)

  • Ute Park Trailhead (Hill Street)

  • Market Street West Trailhead

Check out the map for exact locations.

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About the trails

China Wall Trail

Intermediate - 4.0 miles


View more details on MTBProject >

A beautiful machine-built singletrack with spectacular views of the White River Valley

The trail starts off the Pinyon Trail in the Phillip & Dorcas Jensen Memorial Park. A quality machine-built singletrack quickly climbs up the mountainside. The tread is relatively smooth, but it is steep. At the 0.40-mile mark, the Meeker Flow Trail forks off to the left. After switchbacking up the mountainside, you finally top out at 1.5 miles. Take a rest on the bench and admire spectacular views of the White River Valley. The 2.4-mile descent is fast and flowy with only moderate technical features

East Ridge

Intermediate/Difficult - 1.3 miles


View more details on MTBProject >

Add mileage to the China Wall Trail on this out-and-back singletrack.

East Ridge was completed in 2016 by the BLM and adds another great segment of trail to this growing system. A steady incline from the top of China Wall Trail will twist and turn its way north through narrow singletrack with one technical rock switchback.

Finally, the trail turns west before connecting up with Lion's Canyon Rd. Take the road southwest to the radio towers for some additional mileage and overlook, or turn around at the road and enjoy all your earned turns.

Meeker Flow

Intermediate/Difficult - 0.5 miles


View more details on MTBProject >

Fast and fun downhill flow with a little bit of everything to enjoy

This trail has it all; berms, table tops, step downs and wooden features. Enjoy your fast and fun ride down the mountain!

Pinyon Trail

Easy/Intermediate - 0.8 miles


View more details on MTBProject >

A short and sweet singletrack for a quick ride or access to China Wall/Meeker Flow

This short segment of singletrack within the Phillip & Dorcas Jensen Memorial Park connects Sanderson Hills Park and 7th Street. It flows nicely through pinyon pines with no technical features. This trail provides access to the Meeker Flow and China Wall Trails.

Meadow Loop

Easy - 0.6 miles


View more details on MTBProject >

A short beginner loop in a
pretty mountain meadow

This short beginner trail can be accessed from either Sanderson Hills Park or 7th Street. This loop is mostly flat with no technical features and is a great warm-up or a perfect route for a family bike ride!

Sage Hills

Easy/Intermediate - 0.5 miles


View more details on MTBProject >

Singletrack connector trail from
Sage Hills trailhead

Gain access to the rest of the trail system with this short ride from the Sage Hills trailhead.

Hidden Valley Trail

Intermediate - 2.5 miles


View more details on MTBProject >

A flowy trail loop with plenty of berms in
a beautiful backcountry landscape

This trail is better ridden from the top down, but can be taken either direction. There are several switchback turns throughout the trail, a great overlook, and neat side-trail rock features. It is well worth the climb up to enjoy this loop.


Construction was completed in September 2018 by Progressive Trail Design.

Lions Canyon

Intermediate - 2.1 miles


View more details on MTBProject >

Rugged backcountry trail with excellent side-slope singletrack 

At the top/end of East Ridge, turn south down Lion Canyon Road. Take the first intersection down the Lion Canyon Road, turning west, until you reach the singletrack Lion Canyon Trail entrance (do not go past the trail entrance on the road or you'll be on private property). Take the flowing two miles of singletrack south all the way to the top of the Lobo Mountain (by the communication towers), then loop back north on Lion Canyon Ridge Road. Progressive Trail Design completed this trail in October of 2018.

Anderson Gulch Ute Park

Easy - 0.2 miles


Short connector trail between
China Wall and Ute Park

This short trail connects China Wall Trail with the Ute Park Connector Loop.

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Trail Etiquette

In order for everyone to enjoy their trail experience, please keep the following rules in mind:


  • Trails are for non-motorized use including walking, running, cycling, and snowshoeing.

  • Equestrian and motorized travel is not allowed.

  • Use common sense and courtesy.

  • Stay on the right side with the flow of traffic.

  • Groups should move to single file when other trail users are present.

  • Control your speed! Slow down and use caution when approaching or overtaking slower trail users.

  • Be courteous! All trail users should be respectful of other users regardless of the type of recreation activity, speed, or skill level.

  • Look at wildlife from a distance, leave wildflowers and plants for others to enjoy, and stay on the trail.

  • Respect private property adjacent to trails.

  • Assume motorist do not see you and that you do not have the right of way.

  • Expect the unexpected, be safe.

  • Practice the "Leave No Trace” principals. Pack out what you bring in, including animal waste.

We hope you have an amazing adventure on the #meekertrails!

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Lost and Found at Meeker Rec Center

Lost & Found

Items left at parks and along trails are often turned in to Meeker Recreation Center!

If you’re missing something, please check with Guest Services, 970.878.3403 or 101 Ute Road, Meeker.

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