The Phillip & Dorcas Jensen Memorial Park is 57 acres of rugged open space with groomed hiking and mountain biking trails for all skill levels. The Memorial Park trail system also provides access to additional BLM trails. Equestrian and motorized travel is not allowed. Trailheads with parking are at Sanderson Hills Park and Ute Park. Pedestrian only trailhead, with no parking, is at the top of 7th street.  Our park and trail systems are slated for continued development.

View more on our trails here:  MTB Project

The following map displays the Meeker Trail System and the Phillip & Dorcas Jensen Memorial Park trails.  


Trail Etiquette

In order for everyone to enjoy their trail experience there are proper manners for all trail users to exhibit. Trails are for non-motorized use including walking, running, cycling, and roller blading. In order to avoid conflicts please observe the following guidelines:

  • Use common sense and courtesy.

  • Stay on the right side with the flow of traffic.

  • Groups should move to single file when other trail users are presents so that they may pass safely.

  • Control your speed! Slow down and use caution when approaching or overtaking slower trail users.

  • Be courteous! All trail users should be respectful of other users regardless of the type of recreation activity, speed, or skill level.

  • Look at wildlife from a distance, leave wildflowers and plants for others to enjoy, and stay on the trail.

  • Respect private property adjacent to trails.

  • Assume motorist do not see you and that you do not have the right of way.

  • Expect the unexpected, be safe.

  • Practice the "Leave No Trace” principals. Pack out what you bring in, including animal waste.