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Paintbrush Park, Meeker, Colorado

 Get out and play! 

Meeker features several beautiful parks for you to enjoy, each with a variety of features!

Sanderson Hills Park Meeker

"Nice local park, very clean and well maintained."

~ Google Review

Sanderson Hills Park

About Our Parks

General Park Rules

Park hours are sunrise to sunset. Be safe and have fun!

Park Rules Prohibit: 

  • Overnight parking and camping in undesignated areas.

  • Littering or dumping any debris; use trash receptacles or pack it out with you.

  • Motorized vehicles (except for ADA equipment).

  • Alcoholic beverage consumption.

  • Glass containers of any kind.

  • Hunting and the use of any firearm or projectile weapon. 

  • Removal or disturbance of any man-made or natural feature.

  • Fires and fireworks .

  • Horses and livestock.

  • Off-leash dogs; pick up after your pet.

  • Engaging in commercial activity including solicitation without a permit. 

  • Amplified music. 

  • Off-trail hiking.

Additional rules may apply at designated areas throughout the parks.

Contact non-emergency dispatch with any concerns at 970-878-5555 or dial 911 to report immediate emergencies.  

Paintbrush Park, located at 101 Ute Road in Meeker, Colorado, features swings and several play structures for children of all ages and abilities.

Paintbrush Park

101 Ute Road (view map)

Features a playground, pavilion, picnic tables, baseball and softball fields, all season restrooms, basketball court, archery range, community garden, skate park, batting cages, BBQ grill, concessions stand, walking path, spectator stands, water foundation, benches, electricity and public art.

Sanderson Hills Park

1091 Sanderson Drive (view map)

Features a playground, picnic tables, pavilion, all season restrooms, soccer field, paved walking path, trailhead access to the Phillip & Dorcas Jensen Memorial Park, BBQ grill, benches, bike rack, electricity, open space, and water fountain.  

Sanderson Hills Park Meeker
Town Park in Meeker, Colorado

Town Park

20 South 4th Street (view map)

Features a playground, paved walking path, basketball court, pickleball court, horseshoe pit, pavilion, RV camping, all season restrooms, river access, BBQ grill, benches, bike rack, electricity, picnic tables, public art, RV dump station, sand volleyball court, and water fountain. 

Circle Park

1 South 5th Street (view map)

Features picnic tables, covered pavilion, open spaces, tent camping, pond with fishing pier, river access, BBQ grills, benches, electricity, gravel/dirt walking path, and portajohn. ​​

  • No lifeguard on duty​

  • Anglers 16 and older must have a valid fishing license

  • Daily bag limit of four (4) trout per angler

Circle Park Meeker
6th Street Park Meeker

6th Street Park

711 6th Street (view map)

Park features large open space, open practice field with backstop, sports field, seasonal restrooms, spectator stands, and seasonal water fountain.

Foothills Park

1106 Pinyon Street (view map)

Park features open space, benches, and play equipment.

Foothills Park
Sage Hills Park

Sage Hills Park

1315 Sage Ridge Road (view map)

Park features large open space, horseshoe pits, and picnic table.

McHatton Park

820 11th Street (view map)

Park features open space, basketball court, and picnic table.

McHatton Park, Meeker Colorado
Phillip & Dorcas Jensen Memorial Park, Meeker Colorado

Phillip & Dorcas Jensen Memorial Park

Directly West of Sanderson Hills Park (view map)

This park features about seven miles of non-equestrian, non-motorized groomed trails, a one-way bike flow course, and BLM access.

More information and a trail map can be found on our Trails page.

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Pavilion Reservations

ERBM Recreation & Park District will issue pavilion reservation permits at the following parks:

  • Town Park

  • Circle Park

  • Sanderson Hills Park

  • Paintbrush Park


    Interested parties may reserve the park pavilion all day for $55 or half day for $30.  Half day reservations can either be made from sunrise-2:00pm or 3:00pm-sunset. Reservations must be scheduled at least 24 hours prior to date you are reserving.  


    All park rules apply. 

    >> Call 970-878-3403 to reserve a pavilion or for accessibility assistance. 

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    Ballfield Schedule

    Ballfield schedules at Paintbrush Park will be listed below.  

    >> Call 970-878-3403 to report a scheduling change or addition or for accessibility assistance. 

    Interested in adult softball or other ballfield usage?

    Baseball/Softball field space is available for adult softball, and/or other approved recreational activities (kickball, ultimate frisbee, etc.).


    Reservations can be made by contacting Guest Services at 970-878-3403. These reservations will be complimentary to resident community members with a minimum one week advance notice (reservation times subject to field availability and weather). 

    If you're interested in being put on a contact list as a free agent for this type of informal adult recreation activity, leave your contact information with Guest Services and it will be shared with others seeking to organize adult play!

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    To help us keep the parks healthy and safe for all users (including local wildlife), please follow these simple rules during your stay.

    • Vehicle/tent camping is allowed at designated areas only.

    • Overnight tent or RV camping is by permit only.

    • Permits may be obtained at the designated pay station at the southwest corner of the Town Park parking lot or the south side of the bridge in Circle Park.

    • RV camping

      • 7-day limit at $25 per day.

        • Checks should be made payable to “ERBM Recreation & Park District.”  

        • Fees must be paid by 11:00am daily.  

        • Spacing between camp trailers should be no closer than ten feet.

    • Tent camping is permitted at designated tent spots at Circle Park (across the bridge). 

      • 7 day limit at $12 per day.  

      • All equipment shall be removed by 9:00am on day of departure.​

    ​Occupancy and use of this park are subject to all policies and ordinances of the Town of Meeker and ERBM Recreation & Park District.

    Additional rules may apply at designated areas.


    Enjoy your stay and please contact non-emergency dispatch with any concerns at 970-878-5555 or dial 911 to report immediate emergencies.  

    • No digging, tree cutting, or fire pit construction is permitted.

    • No off-leash dogs are permitted.

    • Please pick up after your pet.

    • No livestock or horses are permitted in the park.  

    • Portable electric generators or similar mechanical devices shall not be operated between the hours of 9:00pm to 7:00am.

    • No motorized vehicles (except for ADA equipment).

    • No fires or fireworks.

    • No alcoholic beverage consumption or glass containers of any kind.

    • Engaging in commercial activity including solicitation without a permit is not permitted. 

    • Use trash receptacles or pack it out with you.  No littering or dumping of any debris.

    • No hunting or the use of any firearm or projectile weapon.

    RV and tent campers are welcome at Town Park and Circle Park. Enjoy beautiful scenery by the White River!

    Camping Rules

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    Rent snowshoes, pickleball equipment, horseshoes, basketballs and volleyballs from Meeker Recreation Center.

    Equipment Rentals

    ERBM offers equipment check-out and rentals! Get out and recreate year-round.

    Check-Out Equipment (FREE):

  • Pickleball equipment

  • Horseshoe equipment

  • Basketball

  • Volleyball



  • Snowshoe equipment

    • Youth $5 per set/day

    • Adult $10 per set/day

    • Three day maximum

  • >> All equipment is first-come, first-served! Call Guest Services to check availability, 970-878-3403.

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    Current Park Projects

    Circle Park Phase 2
    In-Town White River Corridor Enhancements

    In 2020, and again in 2022, ERBM and the Town of Meeker partnered together on a collaborative planning project to evaluate possible enhancements to the White River downtown corridor between 3rd Street and 10th Street, including bank stabilization and park infrastructure improvements at Circle Park. The link below includes updated information and design documents on this project for the community to provide comments. If you are interested in accessing hard copies of the plans, contact Sean VonRoenn, Executive Director, at


    ERBM and the Town of Meeker will be actively reviewing all public feedback as well as pursuing grant opportunities before any formal construction moves forward on this project. Thank you for your interest in and input on these proposed public improvements. 



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    Tribute Trees & Memorial Benches

    Honor a loved one with a tribute tree or dedicated memorial bench in one of our beautiful parks. ​​

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