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Employee Spotlight: June 2024

Updated: Jul 9

Recognition of an employee whose work exemplified ERBM’s core values by positively impacting patrons and or coworkers, reinforcing our commitment to provide safe work and recreation environments, and or utilizing resources in an exceptional way.

Jacki Leith- Custodial Services Lead

On June 6th at ERBM’s first Bounce & Slash summer event, approximately 100 patrons were in attendance which made keeping up with facility safety and cleanliness standards too much for staff to handle. When Jacki was notified, she responded by coming in earlier than scheduled. Jacki’s efforts ensured that the facility remained clean and safe throughout the event.  

Cameron Glasscock – Head Lifeguard

Cameron has committed to working most all weekday opening shifts, Sundays, and Saturdays when needed.  By consistently working these shifts, Manager Rogers has had additional time to train new lifeguard candidates and schedule other staff more efficiently. Additionally, Cameron has demonstrated excellent leadership skills in directing other staff to focus on providing a fun but safe environment for patrons.  

Nora Gianinetti – Head Lifeguard

Nora has assumed many crucial aquatic administrative tasks including tracking inventory and ordering materials/products. Additionally, Nora is directing the work of guards during the weekdays and on Saturdays. 

Congratulations to Retired Employee- Dirk Kenney, Maintenance Technician

Dirk began working for ERBM almost 10 years ago in January 2015. During Dirk’s tenure, he worked diligently to adjust to new changes, new hires, and new policies.  He was excellent at finding solutions to problems and always had a well thought out plan before tackling projects.  Dirk was dedicated to the ERBM and took pride in everything he accomplished.  Dirk’s co-workers were asked to describe Dirk in a word or a brief sentence.  Dirk was “Wise”, “Hard Working”, “Steady”, “Quiet” and “Honest”.  One person summed it up best by stating, “Dirk was a soft spoken, thoughtful, hardworking man you could always count on.”

Thank you, Dirk, for your devotion to ERBM Recreation & Park District.  Congratulations on your retirement!  Wishing you the best of health, happiness, and success on your new journey in life.

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