Memorial Bench & Tribute Tree Program

For more information or to inquire about the purchase of a Memorial Bench or Tribute Tree, contact the ERBM Recreation and Park District, Parks and Facility Management Department at 1-970-878-8061 or 1-970-878-7407.


Tribute Trees

The cost for a Tribute Tree is $500 (two-inch diameter tree). 


Whether you want to celebrate an occasion like a birth, wedding, or anniversary, or you want to remember someone close to you, a Tribute Tree is a meaningful memorial that grows stronger and more beautiful with each passing year. Tribute Trees planted in our public parks bring joy and beauty to the community and serve as a continual reminder of the occasion or individual for which they were planted.


ERBM will work closely with you to coordinate the planting of a Tribute Tree in an appropriate public park. We accept requests throughout the year, and the Tribute Trees are planted on Arbor Day. We prioritize Tribute Trees when considering our Arbor Day plantings. ERBM strives to ensure that the right tree is planted in the right place to give each tree the best opportunity to thrive. However, should a Tribute Tree not survive its first year, ERBM will replace the tree at the district's expense.


Commemorative plantings are recognized with a certificate recording the pertinent information (who, what, where, when) and includes a map of the park on the reverse side with the location of the planting indicated and a photograph of the plant in its new location. A picture and pertinent information are added to the “Living Monument” record located at Meeker Recreation Center.


Please note:
ERBM prohibits the placement of plaques and other signage next to park trees. Additionally, plantings cannot be formally
scheduled in conjunction with ceremonies such as memorial services or the sprinkling of ashes.


Recommended Trees:  Patmore Ash, Sensation Maple, Cottonless Cottonwood

Memorial Benches

The cost for a Memorial Bench is $1,500.


A Memorial Bench provides a meaningful way for people to remember loved ones and share fond memories of Meeker, while enhancing our parks and public spaces for the enjoyment of all. The cost of $1500 will provide a new bench with a personalized brass plaque affixed to the back and placed in a location of the District’s choosing including any of the town’s parks or PDJ Trail System. Another option would be to place the personalized plaque on an existing park bench at a cost of $500.


The costs outlined above cover purchase and maintenance of your bench and/or plaque for 20 years. ERBM Recreation and Park District reserves the right to remove a plaque should a donor choose not to renew after the initial 20 year period comes to an end. It is the donor’s responsibility to inform ERBM of the desire to renew and keep contact information current. We will attempt to contact donors using information provided prior to the removal of a plaque. If you do not wish to renew, ERBM will present you with the plaque. ERBM will retain ownership of all benches.