Program Policies & Procedures


•  Visit Guest Services at the Meeker Recreation Center.
•  Call Guest Services at 970-878-3403.  A debit/credit card is required if registering by phone.


•  Payment is required upon registration if the program/activity has a fee associated with it.
•  Be aware that there are minimum and maximum participation numbers associated with some activities/programs.  Ensure enrollment in the programs of your choosing by registering as soon as possible.  


•  Early Bird Cost reflects the price paid on or before the listed deadline.
•  If space allows, patrons may register after the listed deadline for Full Cost. 


Programs/Activities –

Full Refund:

• When entire program/activity is cancelled by the ERBM Recreation & Park District.

• When registrant withdraws from program/activity prior to registration deadline.

• When a drop-in fee or birthday party fee or reservation has been paid and the pool or park has closed unexpectedly.

Partial Refund:

• When there is a partial cancellation of a program/activity.

No Refund:

• For withdrawals on or after first day of program/activity. 

• No refunds for contracted service programs.

Refund Questions: 

• See Guest Services for any other questions or to inquire about any refund.

*Exceptions to this refund policy may be approved by a supervisor or manager.

Memberships –

Prorated Refund:

   • Annual memberships paid in full at the time of purchase may qualify for a prorated refund based on the month of expiration.  Please speak with Administrative Services Supervisor for more information.

No Refund:

   • For planned or unexpected closures; for annual memberships on a monthly payment plan.

Refund Options –

   • When a refund is issued, the patron will have the option to put the refund amount on account or receive a check by mail.  Refunding to credit/debit cards is NOT an option.   


The Eastern Rio Blanco Metropolitan Recreation and Park District ("District") strives to uphold the core value of respect in all areas of the District's programs, services, and facilities. Appropriate social behavior, treatment of others, and care for property is expected of all District employees, patrons, and participants. Any physical, mental, verbal, or emotional mistreatment of oneself or others, and/or any intentional damage, vandalism, theft, or other mistreatment of the District's or others' property, will not be accepted or tolerated from anyone using any District facility or park (a "patron"), or participating in any District activity or program (a "participant").

All District employees shall be authorized to enforce this Code of Conduct, along with any rules and regulations applicable to the facility, activity, park, or program. All District patrons and participants shall be required to know and comply with any and all physically or digitally posted, or verbally communicated, policies, procedures, regulations, and/or rules established for specific programs, activities, parks, and/or facilities (together called the "Rules").

Any person acting in violation of this Code of Conduct or the Rules may be warned to stop the behavior or to remove themselves from the premises; may receive a “suspension” from the District's facilities, programs, or activities of up to one week; or may be subject to a “revocation” of the privilege of using District facilities or participating in District activities or programs for longer than one week. The imposition of warnings, removal from the premises, suspension, and revocation of privileges are not progressive in nature, and no specific District action is required to precede any other District action. The District may impose any of these actions as appropriate based upon the circumstances of the specific incident or occurrence to preserve the safety of District employees or other District patrons and participants, or to protect the District's or others' property.

In the event a revocation (longer than one week) of privileges may be warranted, the Executive Director or his/her designee will issue a written notice of intent to revoke privileges to the individual. Such revocation may be for whatever period of time the District's Executive Director or his/her designee shall determine appropriate to preserve the safety of persons or protection of property, up to one year, unless a revocation of privileges of longer than one year has been approved in advance by the District's Board of Directors. The individual receiving the written notice of revocation will have three days to provide a response in writing to the Executive Director or his/her designee, which may be submitted by email or written letter. If the individual provides such a response, the Executive Director or his/her designee, or the Board of Directors if applicable, will review the response and provide a final decision on the revocation within four days. If the individual does not provide such a response, then the revocation shall become effective. No individual shall be permitted at District programs, activities, or facilities while they have a notice of revocation pending. Whenever possible, any Code of Conduct violation by a participant or patron 14 years of age or younger will be communicated at the time of the incident to an available adult parent or guardian.

Please note that in accordance with the requirements of the federal Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, and all subsequent amendments (together called the "ADA"), the District advocates full public participation in its facilities, parks, programs, and activities, and prohibits discrimination on the basis of disability. Qualified individuals should please contact the District's ADA Coordinator for more information on reasonable accommodations and the District's Inclusion Process.

Thank you for your cooperation and for helping the District improve well-being and promote a vibrant community for the residents, visitors, and future generations of Eastern Rio Blanco County!

ERBM Recreation & Park District reserves the right to postpone, reschedule, or cancel any activity if, at any time, the weather conditions and/or field/facility are deemed unsafe.  Activities postponed or cancelled may or may not be rescheduled.  For current information call Guest Services at 970-878-3403 prior to the start of the program/activity. 
Some activities/programs may have a minimum number of participants needed to run the activity/program.  In the event the minimum has not been met, ERBM Recreation & Park District reserves the right to cancel the activity.  Participants will be notified and a refund will be given.

Programs/Activities –

• Participants must be the required age/grade on the first day of the program/activity.

• Programs for children ages 2–3 require the child to be at least 2 years old and under 4 years old on the first day of the program/activity.

• Pre K–K programs are for children at least 4 years old on the first day of the program through Kindergarten age.  They do not need to be enrolled in Preschool or Kindergarten.

Grade Requirements –

• For June through August programs/activities with grade requirements, refer to the grade the participant will enter in the fall.

• For programs/activities that occur during the school year, refer to the grade in which the participant is currently enrolled.

Special Program Exceptions –

• Age requirements for certain external sport league programs, such as Coach/Machine Pitch, are determined by the league.  The age required by date may be something other than the first day of the program.  Details will be in the pertinent Line-Up.

• National/state programs, such as the Denver Nuggets Skills Challenge, Colorado Rockies Skills Challenge, etc., have their own age-by date requirements.  Details will be in the pertinent Line-Up.

• Programs containing curriculum and/or requirements imposed by other external organizations, such as American Red Cross, may have their own age requirements.   

ERBM Recreation & Park District invites patrons with or without disabilities to join our programs, parks, and facilities.  If you are in need of modifications because of a disability, contact Shelly Rogers, Accessibility Coordinator, at 970-878-7415.

For their own safety and in consideration of other patrons, children under the age of 8 must be supervised by someone that is at least 13 years of age while in the facility; this applies to children ages 6-7 that have passed a swim test.  Those participating in an ERBM program, activity, or event are excluded from this policy because they are under ERBM supervision.

To inquire about volunteering with the ERBM Recreation & Park District, contact Guest Services at 970-878-3403 or visit to download and print a Volunteer Handbook.


The ERBM Recreation & Park District staff routinely photographs and videotapes guests enjoying our parks, facilities, programs, events, and equipment.  These images may be used in print, visual presentations, and on the website or social media to promote the District.  If you do not wish yourself and/or your children to be photographed, please inform Guest Services and complete the Media Release Refusal form.