ERBM Recreation & Park District will issue pavilion reservation permits at the following parks: Town Park, Circle Park, Sanderson Hills Park, and Paintbrush Park.  Call 970-878-3403 to reserve a pavilion.  Interested parties may reserve the park pavilion all day for $55 or half day for $30.  Half day reservations can either be made from sunrise-2:00pm or 3:00pm-sunset.  All park rules apply.  Reservations must be scheduled at least 24 hours prior to date you are reserving.  

When a pavilion is reserved, other users are prohibited. If there is no reservation permit posted, the pavilion may be used on a first-come, first- served basis. Persons or parties possessing a valid permit have priority for using the pavilion area only. This permit in no way constitutes exclusive use of all park amenities.

Cancellations: A refund will be given if ERBM is notified 24 hours or more in advance. A refund will be given if weather or other uncontrollable conditions exist the day of the reservation. A refund check will be issued within 5-10 business days or credit may be applied to the customer’s account.

Catering:  Driving up to the pavilion structure to unload is strictly prohibited. If using a large BBQ, it must be parked in a single space in the parking lot. Hot plates, burners, crock pots or other devices used to keep food hot must be kept under the pavilion.

Staking of Equipment: If staking anything in the ground (volleyball net, tent, croquet hoops, etc) make sure that it is not next to a sprinkler head and does not go deeper than six inches.

Electrical: GFI outlets are available at each pavilion. If electricity is not working, contact ERBM at 970-878-3403 during regular business hours or 970-878-7407 after hours.

Trash: Please deposit trash in the receptacles provided.  


In addition to the above guidelines, conditions of use are listed on the reservation permit and park rules are posted in each park. Please adhere to these at all times.