Requests for Funding/Donations/Cash Sponsorships


The ERBM Board of Directors may from time to time, grant funding requests for support of community events, projects, or other activities; cash sponsorships, and other types of in-kind resources such as District staff support, event marketing assistance, and equipment lending.  Contributions are not guaranteed, and are dependent upon the District’s financial condition, operational needs, availability of funds designated for community requests, and any other consideration deemed appropriate by the Board. The Board may determine, in its sole discretion, to deny or grant a request if full or in part, or subject to one or more conditions.


Who can apply?

The requester must be either a non-profit organization, governmental entity, special district, or school   district.  Clubs, committees, teams, or other groups must be a stand-alone non-profit or part of a board- structured organization.

The Board will not grant requests submitted by individuals or for-profit corporations.


What type of events, activities, projects, or sponsorships may be considered?

The request must align with ERBM’s mission:

            To create year-round recreational, cultural, and outdoor experiences that improve the

              well-being and promote a vibrant community for residents, visitors, and future

              generations of Eastern Rio Blanco County.

Additionally, participation in the proposed activity must be open and available to all District constituents on an equitable basis; or, if participation is limited to the members of the requesting organization, then membership in the requester’s organization is open and available to all District constituents on an equitable basis.

The Board will not grant requests that will benefit only a designated group of individuals, or the members of organizations with restricted memberships.


When is a request due?

A completed application form and other relevant materials (if any) is due to the Executive Director at least two weeks prior to an upcoming regularly scheduled board meeting. Generally, the board meets on the third Tuesday each month; however, you may want to contact the Executive Director to confirm the day and time of an upcoming meeting.

Consideration of applications that are not received in at least two weeks in advance may be delayed until the next succeeding Board meeting.


Where is the request form and how should it be submitted?

The Request for District Resources- Cash Only Sponsorships/Donations form is found below and may be electronically filled out or printed and handwritten. Submit a completed form to the Executive Director or mail to: ERBM Rec and Park District, 101 Ute Road, Meeker, CO 81641 c/o Sean VonRoenn or drop off at: Meeker Recreation Center, 101 Ute Road

Request Form - Electronic/Fillable and Printable


Contact Executive Director, Sean VonRoenn at, 878-7410 or Administrative Services Manager, Dondi Glasscock at, 878-7414