Town Park Rules

The following are rules and regulations for camping and overnight:

  • Vehicle/tent camping allowed at designated areas only.  

  • Overnight tent or RV camping is by permit only.  

  • Permits may be obtained at the designated pay station at the southwest corner of the Town Park parking lot or the south side of the bridge in Circle Park.

  • Spacing between camp trailers to be no closer than ten feet.

  • RV camping 7 day limit at $25 per day.  Checks should be made payable to “ERBM Recreation & Park District.”  Fees must be paid by 11:00am daily.  Tent camping permitted at designated tent spots at Circle Park (across the bridge).  7 day limit at $12 per day.  All equipment shall be removed by 9:00am on day of departure.

  • No digging, tree cutting, or fire pit construction is permitted.

  • No off-leash dogs are permitted.  Please pick up after your pet.

  • No livestock or horses permitted in the park.  

  • Portable electric generators or similar mechanical devices shall not be operated between the hours of 9:00pm to 7:00am.

  • No motorized vehicles (except for ADA equipment).

  • No fires or fireworks.

  • No alcoholic beverage consumption or glass containers of any kind.

  • Engaging in commercial activity including solicitation without a permit is not permitted. 

  • Use trash receptacles or pack it out with you.  No littering or dumping of any debris.

  • No hunting or the use of any firearm or projectile weapon.

  • Occupancy and use of this park are subject to all policies and ordinances of the Town of Meeker and ERBM Recreation & Park District.

Additional rules may apply at designated areas throughout the park.  Enjoy the park and please contact non-emergency dispatch with any concerns at (970) 878-5555 or dial 911 to report immediate emergencies.